Sunday, June 8, 2008

Headlamps and Maps

I met with the client over lunch a few weeks ago. He brought with him the items for the shoot, a custom painted hardhat, a standard headlamp with battery, a headlamp and battery with their state of the art tagging system, and a couple of maps to use as backgrounds. The tagging system is a small device that is is integrated onto the battery pack, it is like a sophisticated avalanche beacon that tracks underground miners and relays their whereabouts to a central system. In the wake of some recent mining disasters this technology has made a push and Koehler appears to be leading the way with this new system.
I spent a full day in the studio jammin' tunes and creating a few shots that I could email my contact for feedback.
We discussed a few minor changes, the name on the helmet was set back too far to be readable with the helmet set at it's most aesthetic angle. To see the headlamp meant you couldn't read the full name but neither of us thought it was a big deal. He loved the test shots so the next day I finished up with the finals.

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David Tejada said...

Looks great Erik. I know Steve will like these! DT