Sunday, September 28, 2008

Firehouse Portrait

So my long time friend has been a Firefighter with Denver for several years and I have been asking him to let me come to the firehouse and do some portraits of the guys for quite some time.  He finally agreed and I was surprised that most of them were resistant to the idea of having a nice portrait of themselves. I only had a limited time with him as their day was busy with calls but I think this shot came out fairly nice.  I prefer the version without the background light as the incidence off the stainless steel is just too bright. Two SB800s was all I used, both fired with Pocket Wizards. The main light was bounced into a large wall for a nice big soft source. The 2nd strobe was pointed directly at the equipment in the background with a full CTO and a small foam flag to keep it from contaminating the rest of the shot. All I brought was 3 SBs, 2 stands, a Flexfill, and a Justin Clamp.... a small case of equipment to keep the creativity the main focus.