Monday, December 1, 2008

Light Painting Kidney Beans

Last month while on assignment in Western Nebraska, we spent some time on a kidney bean farm. I came home with a handful of beans and a photo idea that fermented for a month before I finally put all the elements together and started shooting. A few beans, an old piece of plywood, mini-mag flashlight with map reader, and my nicest shirt.
Here is how I created the shot.


Anonymous said...

Nice photo, and thanks for the explanatory video.

FYI, it doesn't take the camera 30 seconds to process the shot.
You must have long exposure noise reduction enabled on the camera, which means the camera will take a second exposure, but with the shutter closed, and using the same exposure time, and the camera uses this second exposure to remove any artefacts in the first exposure that might be caused by the sensor warming up.

Erik Lawrence said...

Thanks mpot... that explains it.

ingalbraith said...

i've been waiting over a year to finally see some skin...i'm glad i wasn't disappointed....ripped bicep hi-five,

Staffan Alexandersson said...

Cool shot, AWESOME outfit! =)
made me wanna go out and buy a mag-lite.